About Hood County

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Per Capita Personal Income Growth 2006-2016

Texas 24%

U.S. 28%

Hood County 30%

Sources: U.S. Department of Labor, Texas Comptroller, Bea.gov

Median Household Income


Ranked 36th Nationally in families with at least $1 Million of investable assets

Ranked 257th Nationally in personal finance strength


Hood County 59,300

Granbury 9,052

DeCordova 3,500

Brazos Bend 305

Cresson 750

Lipan 507

Tolar 690

Sources: Bureau of the Census, State of Texas

2017 Tax Rates

(per $100 valuation)

Hood County 0.415744

City of Granbury 0.399385

Granbury ISD 1.21