Why Choose Stonewall?

Because of our commitment to you!

Stonewall Title Company’s mission is to be recognized as the preeminent title company in Hood County, Texas because we are customer oriented and offer unparalleled service to our customers. Our core principles include truthfulness, commitment, accountability, personal responsibility and vision.

Our commitments:

  • To establish a long-term relationship built on trust
  • To provide quality service marked with a personal touch and a willing attitude
  • To provide a positive experience and exceed expectations
  • To employ qualified personnel who are loyal and committed to providing quality service
  • To demonstrate our “whatever it takes” attitude toward customer service
  • To use technology, competent staff, professional techniques and hard work to close transactions quickly, accurately and efficiently
  • To recognize and fulfill our civic responsibility toward the citizens of the City of Granbury and Hood County

Best Practices

Since the financial crisis of 2008, lenders have focused on reducing settlement risk. The topic was further highlighted in a 2012 bulletin issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) where lenders were reminded that they are directly responsible for the activities of the third-party service providers they choose to do business with.

In an effort to address these concerns, the American Land Title Association (“ALTA”) developed “Title Insurance and Settlement Company Best Practices” in 2013. These title and settlement benchmarks were produced to further protect consumers, promote quality service, provide for ongoing associate training, and meet legal and market requirements. While voluntary, these Best Practices have been adopted and implemented by Stonewall Title Company.

ALTA’s Best Practices are not intended to encompass all aspects of title and settlement, but they do attempt to address the areas of greatest concern to lenders and the public in general. Meeting these Best Practices helps Stonewall Title Company illustrate to our customers the company’s dedication to professionalism and supports a positive and compliant real estate settlement experience.

ALTA’s Best Practices compliance includes:

Stonewall Title Company maintains state mandated insurance licenses. This practice ensures the company remains in good standing with the state. In Texas, this includes both the Agent License and Escrow Officer Licenses. Escrow Officers are required to complete the required number of continuing education hours to renew their license.

Stonewall Title Company employs appropriate and effective escrow controls and associate training to meet Texas Department of Insurance requirements for the safeguarding of our client’s funds.

We adhere to federal and state laws (including the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act) which require title companies to develop a written information security program that outlines procedures to protect non-public customer information.

We have developed procedures and conduct ongoing associate training to adhere to state, federal and other obligations governing the settlement process and provide for a safe and compliant settlement. Stonewall Title Company utilizes Texas promulgated rates and rules to ensure correct fees are being charged for title insurance premiums. Check out our current Texas Title Insurance Premium Rates on the Premium Rates tab.

Following established procedures for production, delivery and remittance of title insurance policies aids us in meeting our obligations. In Texas, the policy delivery requirement states “Title policies shall be furnished to the insured within ninety (90) days after receipt by the title company of proof of compliance with the company’s Schedule C requirements.”

Appropriate professional liability coverage confirms the title agency has the financial capacity to stand behind their professional services.

Our foundation is based upon integrity, trust and great service. It is important to us to ensure your satisfaction and we encourage your feedback. Use the Contact Us tab to reach us at any time.

We urge you to educate yourself on the components of ALTA’s Best Practices. Find out more about the benefits of choosing a title and settlement provider, like Stonewall Title Company, that adopts these voluntary Best Practices by visiting www.alta.org.