One of the most obscure, but commonly used, industries, the Title Industry remains a mystery to so many. An essential piece of emotional puzzles known as Real Estate Transactions, many know they should get Title Insurance, but often have no idea what it is or are so overwhelmed with the process, they don’t have a chance to ask key questions. Stonewall Title Company is committed to lifting this veil of obscurity.

Introducing our 2018 Summer Series: Ask an Expert, a video series where you ask the questions and our experts provide the answers. Topics will range from general escrow from our expert Escrow Team to estate planning law from our seasoned partners at The Reid Firm, PC. The process will be simple; ask the questions you have been wanting to ask, no question is too simple or too complex, and every other week, our expert will answer them!

 Week 1: Deniece Weaver, Director of Escrow Operations

Starting off the Summer Series, Deniece Weaver, Director of Escrow Operations, answers questions YOU submitted on all things Escrow. How much does it cost to close? Do mortgage companies or title companies guarantee on-time closings? Are there any credits or rebates in which I may be entitled to? GREAT questions. Let’s listen in to get the expert answers!